Depending on the style, Sample production usually takes 3-7 working days. During sample production, we can provide photos and videos for your reference.

Sample making is an important part of the apparel production process.

Before apparel production, sample making is an indispensable step. Here are some relevant information and knowledge about apparel samples:

  1. Purpose of sample making: Sample making aims to verify design concepts, check if pattern making and sewing workmanship is accurate, and test the fit and comfort on the body. It can also be used for client presentations, fashion exhibitions, or market research.
  2. Sample making process: Sample making usually involves the following steps:
  • Design confirmation: Convert designs into paper patterns and review for approval.
  • Pattern making: Cut patterns from fabric according to paper patterns to ensure accurate sizing.
  • Sewing: Sew the cut fabric according to design requirements, including splicing, seaming, decorations, etc.
  • Finishing: After sewing is complete, the sample goes through finishing, steaming, pressing and detailing to achieve the final look.
  1. Key points of sample making:
  • Choose suitable fabric: Samples should use the same fabric as actual production, to ensure consistent look and feel.
  • Pay attention to details: Sample details determine product quality and appearance, so straight seams, delicate decorations and accuracy are important.
  • Multiple revisions: Several rounds of modifications may be needed to meet designer and client requirements.
  1. Sample making time and cost: Sample making requires certain time and cost. Time depends on design complexity and factory schedules, but is typically 3-7 days based on experience. Cost is determined by fabric, labor, equipment fees, etc.

Sample making before production can identify problems early for adjustments, improving efficiency and quality.