Labels, Hang Tags

To pursue the individuality of apparel brands, unique designs for Labels and hangtags are a must. Tell us your needs.

Panda Tailor can fulfill all your needs for customized clothing labels, hang tags. Most importantly, these are free when your order reaches a certain quantity.




Hang tags

Clothing Labels can be categorized by content, material and form:

  1. By content: basic tags (Provide the most basic information such as brand, size, fabric content, care instructions, etc.), detailed information tags, adjustment tags and warning tags.
  2. By material: cloth tags, leather tags, metal tags and plastic tags.
  3. By form: sewn-in tags, heat-seal tags, woven tags and printed tags.

For more information and applicable garment types, please contact our customer service.

1. Materials: Hanging tag materials vary, from basic cloth or paper to leather, metal, plastic, etc. Materials determine the grade and durability of the hanging tag.

2. Specifications: Standard hanging tag sizes are around 3-8cm wide, 5-12cm long. Font sizes are generally 0.5-1cm to ensure legibility. Custom sizes and shapes can be made to order.

3. Accessories: Hanging strings can be made of cloth, leather, metal chains, etc., durable and secure. Hanging clips are made of metal or plastic in different materials.

4. Design: Hanging tags can be printed with brand logos or decorative patterns, and techniques like embroidery, studding, pleating can also be used to enhance luxury feel.



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