Product Development

Product Development

Product Development

Our team will research your samples or design drawings and discuss the garment details with you, including but not limited to printing, embroidery, sizing, etc.

We can provide excellent advice and experience to help you pay attention to some details that may be overlooked.


1. Identify target users and product positioning, conduct market research and analysis, and clarify product pricing strategies.

2. Plan product lines according to seasons, themes, etc., and set design focuses such as style, color, materials, elements.

3. Select suitable fabrics, ensure quality meets requirements, while considering cost control.

4. Based on fabric characteristics, design pattern plots to optimize fabric usage.

5. Sample making and modification to confirm patterns, conduct fit effect evaluation.

6. Pilot production, inspect detail quality to ensure consistency in mass production.

7. Plan production schedule, coordinate fabric procurement, cutting, sewing, ironing, packaging etc.

8. Quality control is extremely important, ex-ante prevention and in-process control ensures product quality.

9. Develop new materials, techniques, so products have differentiated advantages.

10. Strengthen innovative design and development capabilities to meet market and consumer demand.

Grasping these key points can make the apparel development process smoother, and ultimately achieve better balance in design, quality, cost, delivery and other aspects.