Clothing Production



To ensure garment size accuracy, all fabrics are pre-shrunk. Prior to bulk production, we produce several samples for review to ensure flawless execution in bulk.

Producing pre-production samples is crucial before mass production.

  1. Samples test design feasibility. Making samples reveals flaws in patterns and design missed in drawings. Fixes prevent defects in mass production.
  2. Samples verify pattern fit. Trying samples on shows draping effect and fit on real bodies. Allows adjusting ill-fitting patterns. Ensures well-fitting finished garments.
  3. Samples examine production techniques. Making samples tests the full cutting, sewing, pressing workflow. Uncovers and optimizes issues.

In summary, samples ensure quality, efficiency, and reduce risks in mass production. Worth the extra time and costs for smooth apparel production.

Clothing production

Bulk Production

Our QC team closely monitors throughout production to ensure product excellence.

Initial bulk production typically takes 2-3 weeks, but reorder lead times can be significantly shortened for repeated styles.

1. Raw material quality control: Fabrics, trims, linings, buttons and other accessory must undergo strict quality inspection to ensure each batch meets standards, preventing defects from inferior materials affecting garment quality.

2. Production quality control: At every process like cutting, sewing, pressing, and finishing, quality checkpoints must be set up to inspect workmanship, identify issues for timely correction, and prevent quality problems from moving to the next process.

3. Safe storage and transport: Finished garments must be neatly folded and packed, handled with care during storage and transport to prevent damage and stains.

4. Consistent quality standards: Quality standards must be consistent across different production lines and work shifts, to prevent variability between products.

5. Complete process records: Quality output at each process must be documented for traceability and root cause analysis.