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Panda tailor has advanced sewing equipment to meet the needs of a wide range of apparel production .
Master a variety of sewing techniques, using different styles for different sewing techniques.
In the process of the sewing clothing, under different circumstances sewing needle used is also different.
Here are some commonly used needle.:
- Running stitch 
running stitch
This is the most common and easiest method for a stitched, usually do not need to do some very strong stitching, and do pleating, necking and so on. More than once and then pick a few needle thread tension together. Pin distance flat needle is generally maintained at about 0.5 cm. 
- Tacking stitch / Basting 
Peace Like acupuncture needle, but the needle from the larger, this method is usually used to make a rough hand-stitched official suture fixed before, in order to facilitate the next step of the suture needle acts like beads. 
- Backstitch 
backstitch backstitch01
Backward sewing needle method, which is similar to machine sewing and most secure method for a hand-stitched. In order to prevent the fabric spread method when starting or too short, and strong wish slit is used. Have returned to a needle full back seam, and return to the previous one half of the semi-stitch back seam. Used to sew zippers, crotch, and other high fastness requirements place. 
- Oversewing stitch / overcasting 
This method is generally used to sew the fabric edges, to prevent the spread of the fabric burr. 
- Blanket & Buttonhole stitch 
These are two very similar stitch, sew the same purpose and catcher, but after both decorative and practical to be stronger. Of course, now with the machine catcher would be more convenient. 
- Drawing stitch 
drawing stitch
This is the needle in the fabric relative with more than production, the ability to stitch perfectly hidden in the back stitch commonly used in difficult areas.