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Provide accessories

We offer custom made accessories service, include : pendants, rings, necklaces, earrings, badges, paper card, scarves, hats, gloves, socks, and so you can think of accessories.

Panda Tailor specialized equipment for cutting metal and diamond.
Same as small minimum clothing order, after you sent design draw to us, you can get your favorite accessories.
The role and methods about accessories

Accessories can not be ignored is a visual symbol in fashion design, clothing themes play to improve and strengthen the role.

Accessories should be coordinated according to the aspect of fashion design style, color, style, quality, price and other factors, orderly match.
The clothing in the
pattern, styles, fabrics these three elements on the basis of harmonization should also consider the use of accessories,
Proper use of accessories, like a finishing touch, make
womens clothing line look sophisticated and elegant, can make mens clothing seem relaxed and easy, to make kids clothing line even more lovely.
Accessories in clothing with the use, only with the case in accordance with a beautiful situation, combined configuration, in order to get a unified aesthetic.

- Repeatedly and alternately
Some consistent style or the same texture accessories buttons, earrings, rings, pendants, etc., can be formed for different parts of the iterative effect.
People often use the same series of
bags, shoes and embroidery to match, in fact, we can use these accessories have similarities, leading the eye to produce a sense of rhythm.

- Gradient and unity
Accessories should generally be in a subordinate position, the theme of the
service for clothing, and body coordination, to achieve a unified effect. They can occur between the size or color of the gradient, but also can be used as a gradual phase fitting into the overall color change of clothing.

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