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Kids Clothes Line

For kids clothes, the most important thing is safety and quality.
It different with make women clothes and men's clothes, except for clothing needs beautiful shape, but requires the use of environmentally friendly fabrics and high-quality processing services.
Kids wear usually use bright color, and accompanied by a relatively large pattern. So be sure to choose clothing manufacturer has a good environmentally conscious, so as to ensure that your kids clothes are safe.
About Fabric: Usually we recommend that customers use cotton fabric to produce children's clothing, because of  cotton fabrics is not easy static electricity, and good air permeability and water absorption, which is a lot of people know. But the most important point, the fabric in the production process is safe enough? Are staining techniques to achieve environmental standards?
If the production of fabrics unsafe, the consequences could be disastrous.
Pandatailor have own fabric production channels, we can ensure that every meter of fabric for the production of children's clothing is 100% clean and safe. From the beginning of cotton planting has never used chemicals, textile process, never use poor quality paint, fabric never fade.
About Printing: Kids usually come with some of the printed pattern, although we often advise clients to use patch, or embroidery, but there are still a considerable number of children using the printing process.
About printing process, pandatailor has insisted on using safe materials and workmanship, no smell, no irritation to the skin, and can be very good to complete thermal transfer, screen printing, 3D printing process.
About the process: children's clothing is the most important security, because children are not a good security awareness, so children can never have any security risks.
In Pandatailor every kids clothes will be metal detectors before package, and manual checks to ensure that no pin, or button. At the same time, for some irrational kids clothes designers, will promptly and customers to communicate, to ensure that every Kids clothes are not the security risks. (For example: some one want custom made kids wear, but want uses more than 20 cm of rope, we will communicate with customers, and inform more than 20 cm of the rope is unsafe, you can use the other instead.)
Pandatailor can produce any style of children's clothing, skirts, pants, shorts, tops, dresses, hats, socks and so on.
You just need to send your drawings or samples to us, tell us your requirements, we can give you accurate quotation.
Even if you do not have a professional design, you can draw a sketch, we can also understand your requirements.
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