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About US

Panda Tailor is a experienced  small quantity clothing orders manufacturer in China. 
Panda Tailor founded in 2008, up to 2014 we have been serving more than 500 clothing brands and independent designer
Compared with other clothing manufacturers, we have the following characteristics and advantages: 
1. Minimum order accept 50-100 pieces mixed size. 
2. Can produce according to drawings or samples. 
3. World-class production technology and equipment. 
4. Can produce women's, men's, children's clothing , and provide all relevant clothing accessory
4. Quick delivery. 
6. Easy to get your own clothing line. 
General apparel manufacturers only accept big clothing order, as total production, the lower the unit cost. This is not wrong. But for someone it is difficult to accept, like some new brand, or independent clothing designer who want to build own clothing line
For this situation, after a long period of training, Panda tailor can proud to announce that we can accept clothing order minimum 50-100 pieces per style, and can be mixed sizes.  
Sounds weird is not it? But the fact is this. 
When you want to build your own clothing line, not need produce 500, or 1000 piece for every style, and only need to produce 50-100 pieces, that mean you can save a lot of expenses. It is useful for a new clothing brand or designer.
Love the apparel style on our website? No problem, we can produce for you. 
You only have a design sketch? No problem, we can according to your requirements perfect production. 
Worried some attachments? Packaging, trademarks, washing mark, embroidery, printing. . . All of it we can supply.
Quality, which is an eternal topic. 
You maybe doubt, we accept small quantity clothing orders, how can we guarantee the quality of the clothing? 
This does not need to worry. 
Panda Tailor have almost all the advanced garment production equipment and technology in the world 
Equipment includes:
1-needle chainstitch M/C, Zig-zag stitches M/C, Twin-needle M/C, Lockstitch trimming, Heat notching M/C, Straight lock stitcher with thread, Fusing press machine... and so on.
Production processes include:
Embroidery, automatic screen printing, jet printing, duplex prints, electrostatic flocking, hand screen printing, heat - transfer printing .... and so on. 
Skilled workers:
We promise: We do not have any underage workers, for each worker paid on time and in full reward, and buy three or more commercial insurance for all workers. 
Speed of delivery, depending on your style design and order quantity. 
In the past few years, all of our customers are satisfied with our delivery time
While we are willing to accept small quantities of clothing orders, but we also have enough production capacity to complete large quantities of clothing orders. 
If you've always wanted to have a unique clothing line, if you are a professional or not professional designer, do not hesitate to contact us, you will quickly get your own clothing line, pay a minimal cost and bear minimal risk.