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Russia’s clothing is miserable

Buffeted by the winds of the economic crisis sweeping the country, Russia’s clothing sector is undergoing a profound polarisation as international mid-range players abandon the market, leaving it dominated by the elite and low-price segments, the latter of which is moving to cash in on the decreased spending power of the average consumer.

Russia’s clothing 300x150 Russia’s clothing is miserable

Russia’s clothing

For commercial networks operating in Russia, 2015 began with losses: Demand for clothes, footwear and accessories has fallen by 27 percent in the first three months of 2015. “This has forced international retailers to reduce their presence in Russia,” says Darya Yadernaya, General Director of Y Consulting. In response, Germany’s Adidas Group, due to the worsening financial indicators, is closing 200 low-profit retail shops – almost 20 percent of the total number of the brand’s stores in Russia.

The Finnish department store Stockmann has announced that it will close three out of eight stores in Russia by the end of the year and that it will completely liquidate its network of shops belonging to the Lindex fashion chain.

Perhaps the way out of Russia is small quantities of clothing personalized custom apparel.

Important 5 tips for customized made clothing

Important 5 point for customized made clothing
1. try to send the sample to us, so that we can better understand your requirements.
2. If there is no sample, please try to send large size and clear design images to us.
3. If you are unsure what fabrics to use , we will give a reasonable proposal .
4. Clothing size as a unified , usually in inches and centimeters .
5. Try to use the same e-mail address to contact us staff , to avoid missing and duplicate messages .

Panda Tailor

logo 1 Important 5 tips for customized made clothing

Panda tailor

Production processes on clothing panda tailor

Panda Tailor is a clothing manufacturer in China.

Feature is acceptable minimum 50 pieces clothing orders .

Production processes on clothing panda tailor:

1 : Contact our staff .
2 : Tell us what you want to produce clothing styles , pictures and drawings , or other formats are acceptable.
3 : Tell us the details of clothing , including size , fabric and quantity.
4 : Our staff will give accurate quotes , and delivery time based on the information you provide .
5 : Down payment
6 : Complete the order, taking pictures to the customer.
7 : payment of the remaining amount
8 : order fulfillment .